Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas with the Kids of Boy's Town

Among our love for all things Christmas is a passion surprise here...Christmas books. From Charles Dickens to Henry van Dyke, from Christmas mysteries to Christmas sermons, from old magazine story reprints to art books, cook books, poetry books, and trivia books -- we collect and enjoy Christmas tomes with special relish.

Perusing through the Christmas category located on the right sidebar of The Book Den will give you some ideas of those Christmas books we recommend. But I will also take occasion to highlight our appreciation for some specific titles.

So, for today's pick, let me give you a delightful little book that you will probably never see for sale outside of Omaha (except, of course, through the magic of the internet!). Entitled Gifts for a Joyous Christmas by the Executive Director of Girls and Boy's Town, Fr. Val J. Peter, the book is a small collection of reflections about Christmas from the students there. The kids plan the holiday meal, write to Santa Claus, and share special memories of Christmas (some warm, some quite sad -- but all quite moving.)

It is a little book you can read in probably about 20 minutes...but you'll find yourself re-reading and enjoying anew these tender reflections every Christmas season.

As I mentioned, you can purchase this unusual treasure via the internet. Just click right here to go to the appropriate page of the Boy's Town Press web site. And while you're there, check out some of the other terrific titles they offer. For parents, educators and even teenagers themselves, the Boy's Town Press has produced quality publications that deserve a wider appreciation. So, give 'em a look!