Friday, October 20, 2006

Goodness Communicates

Our friend, Christian brother, pro-life colleague and fellow bibliophile, Ron Prenot, recently sent along a little note of encouragement that contained some sage and provocative observations we believed were relevant to many more than us. So, here's Ron's note with it's engaging "points to ponder."


You've probably noticed many times that when reading a book something will strike you with force and your first reaction is: I have to tell someone. This, in my opinion, is another indication of the good book - that such occurs often.

We read/hear God is good and that the essence of goodness is to communicate itself (creation, etc). Well, this impulse to share an insight from a good book is proof that goodness really does desire to communicate itself, that in this desire we have a bit of God's goodness built in, even if we are not good in other ways.

In fact, The Book Den itself is just such an instance of the desire to communicate goodness to others.

Very nice. Again, thanks Ron!