Monday, November 21, 2005

Lowell Thomas on the Death of GK Chesterton

Here’s a little item I recently read in History As You Heard It by Lowell Thomas. The book contains excerpts from Thomas’ radio programs from 1930 through 1955. It’s a fascinating way to stroll through history, especially when the writer was himself so frequently an active participant in the affairs he commented on. Therefore, being a fan of both Thomas and the unique GKC, I was very interested in this observation:

“June 13, 1936 – This week removes from the world of writers and readers two if its best-known figures, for today died Maxim Gorky, while on Monday came the news of the passing of G. K. Chesterton.

And so the grim reaper’s symbolic scythe has swiftly removed two of the most vividly contrasting figures in the literature of their time – the gloomy Gorky with his drab, somber stories, and the gay, lusty Chesterton with his brilliant paradoxes.”