Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Narnia Party

There were several charming moments from the dinner party we hosted last night as part of our Summer Reading Project, “Aslan Is On The Move” which, as you can guess, has us deeply involved with the C.S. Lewis books, The Chronicles of Narnia. And out of the 15 present at our party, 7 of them were “visiting” Narnia for the very first time! How cool is that? It certainly helps us believe this project was a success. What a delight to hear their excitement and wonder, to relish their laughter and appreciation, and to benefit from the life lessons they were learning from the books.

Our conversation last night covered the first four books of the series (using the modern method of numbering them) and involved readers from age 70 to age 9. Indeed, the highlight of the evening may have been 9-year old Rebecca explaining how effectively Lewis communicated important spiritual truths to kids in these books.

That leaves for our next party/discussion the last three books in the series: 5) The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, 6) The Silver Chair, and 7) The Last Battle. Some of have already dived into #5. Later on this evening, I'll post here some review and discussion questions for Dawn Treader, as I did for the four earlier books. But we haven't set that date yet. It will probably be late August sometime. We will let you know and, of course, we would love to have you all join in!

Thanks again to everyone who has been a part, including 4 adults who are reading the books but couldn't make it to the party.