Monday, June 24, 2013

"Safely Home" -- Your Free Gift

"Safely Home" may be our very favorite of all the superbly-crafted songs from the talented team at Little Bird Studios. Composed by a longtime friend of Vital Signs Ministries, "Safely Home" is a complex instrumental song that describes in music a dynamic spiritual conversion. It is rich. It is provocative. It is inspirational.

Our friend offers "Safely Home" as a free download throughout the month of May to all visitors to the Vital Signs Ministries website. You can download your own copy of the song -- completely free of charge -- by simply pushing the button on the screen.

Of course, our friend does hope a few of you might like to help Vital Signs Ministries continue our fight against the enveloping darkness. There's a form on the VSM website for that too.

But the song "Safely Home" is a free gift through July 30.

Please give it a try. And then check out the samples of other beautifully fashioned songs at Little Bird Studios.