Friday, August 21, 2009

Give Me "Liberty and Tyranny"

It may be superfluous for me to recommend Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny. After all, the book has been #1 on the bestseller list for over 4 months. Nevertheless, I’ll join the chorus of high praise. It is a well-written, carefully-documented and critically-timely book, one which illustrates the immense differences between traditional conservatives and liberal Statists on issues of federalism, the free market, Constitutional authority, immigration, environmental concerns and more.

We discussed Liberty and Tyranny a couple of weeks ago at one of our regular Vital Signs Book It! meetings. There were a few of the regulars missing but John and Barb, Matt, Allen and Cindy, Claire and I were on hand – all of us expressing admiration and appreciation for this important book. They join me in recommending it.

The book serves as a history, an exposĂ©, a philosophic review and a profound apologetic for Judeo-Christian values as applied to politics and culture. The book closes with a chapter entitled “A Conservative Manifesto” that outlines those principles and action steps that are most crucial to the protection of America’s best interests and highest calling.

Liberty and Tyranny provides plenty of stimulation for old guard conservatives but it is also a superb education for “converts” and young readers too. In fact, I’ve heard several accounts of how warmly received the book has been by college students and even home-school kids. That’s good news for I can’t think of a more effective political primer.

Beginning next week over on Vital Signs Blog, I’ll be offering “A Week of Liberty” which will feature one of Mark Levin’s observations from Liberty and Tyranny each day. If you’ve already ready the book, you can compare the passages I select with those you might have chosen.

And if you haven’t read it…well, just maybe those gems will be enough to swing the deal.

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark R. Levin is published by Threshold Editions and is available here and a lot of other places. (Levin is also the author of Men in Black, an excellent political review of the Supreme Court. For more on that title, see this brief Book Den post from... it four years ago already?)