Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Comparing Mystery Notes

There's been a lively and, I think, pretty informative conversation going on between Kathryn Judson and me about my Mystery Writers Honor Roll (and the induction of its latest member). So, if you're into clever detectives, locked room murders, dark nights on upland moors, endangered spies traveling on Balkan trains, spry spinsters uncovering poisoned teacups, and other such stuff --- you might find our chat of interest.

You'll find it at Kathryn's enlightening, uplifting web site, Suitable for Mixed Company. The specific "back and forth" can be found by reading this original entry by Kathryn and then following the "comments" immediately below it.

And, while you've got a little time, you might also enjoy browsing through Kathryn's second blog, the Suitable for Mixed Company Annex which offers quick connections to a greater breadth of issues.