Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Witness" Well Witnessed!

I haven’t commented so far on the Monday night discussion of Whittaker Chambers’ magnificent autobiography, Witness. Let me do so now.

Matt Troutman, Quint Coppi and I got together over at my new place for a chili dinner, a cheesecake dessert, and plenty of coffee.
And, oh yes, the conversation about Witness. All of us had not only thoroughly enjoyed the book; we all appreciated it as being one of those rare books that becomes a friend for life.
Our three hour discussion could have gone on still longer but when we broke it off for the night, we knew the profound impact the book had made on us would keep the conversation going for a long, long time.

Would you like to join in?
Old copies of Whittaker Chambers’ Witness are still rather easy to obtain and Quint, Matt and I heartily recommend you grab one and start reading soon. We’ll be delighted to let you in on our ongoing appreciation of Witness! And, next time, you can bring the cheesecake!