Saturday, February 25, 2017

Uh, About Those Unmanly Churches

From Tony Evans' excellent book, Kingdom Man:

In most lives, albeit exceptions always exist, women were built to respond to relationships while men were built to respond to ruling. Women were wired to respond to cuddling, while men were wired to respond to conquering. We are made differently so we respond differently. Yet what frequently happens in the church is that the church will call for relationships without giving men an opportunity to rule. Or the church will offer nice, warm fuzzies to cuddle emotionally with while withholding or ignoring any potential challenge that men can conquer. Often the temperature in the church is set for women, and therefore, men sit there cold.

So many men come to church only because they are pushed to do so or because they feel guilty for not doing so. They stand there as the music plays with a feeling that something just doesn't seem like it fits. Kind of how I would feel if Lois ever asked me to hold her purse. Something just doesn't seem manly about church for many men. It's cute with pretty decorations, soft music, long songs, and an atmosphere often geared toward evoking emotions -- which is why a lot of men simply do their time, albeit sincerely, rather than view it as a vehicle through which they are to change the world.

Yet that wasn't the church Jesus established.

Amen brother Tony. Amen.

I most heartily recommend Kingdom Man.