Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Tony Evans on "Kingdom Men"

“My concern is that Christian leaders have leveraged our men to build church buildings and run church programs, but we have failed to disciple them in what it means to be about the kingdom…   One of the greatest failures, I believe, of the American church has been that we have not equipped men to fully understand, realize, and implement their divine destiny of biblical manhood. We have stripped them of their manhood while attempting to redefine it with things such as church attendance in churches primarily geared toward women (from the decorations on the walls to the music to the short-lived and often less effective mission trips, and to the service on numerous committees). While each of those things is important and good, without a common vision on a common goal against the common enemy -- we often wind up simply busier than deliberately strategic.” (Tony Evans, Kingdom Man)

Boy, am I liking this book!