Friday, August 26, 2016

Interested in Happiness?

“What I’m writing is not of a superficial ‘don’t worry, be happy’ philosophy that ignores human suffering. The day hasn’t come yet when God will ‘wipe away every tear from [His children’s] eyes. But it will come. And this reality has breathtaking implications for our present happiness…We can find lasting and settled happiness by saying yes to the God Who created and redeems us and by embracing a biblical worldview. When we look at the world and our daily lives through the lens of redemption, reasons for happiness abound. And while these reasons are at times obscured, they remain permanent.” (Randy Alcorn, Happiness)

Randy had sent us a copy of his book when it first came out last year, but it took a strong recommendation from John Malek and then Pat Osborne last week to finally get me into this provocative and biblically-centered study. In addition to a lot of other reading this year -- especially a series of Christian classics last spring, the monthly selections of the Notting Hill Napoleons, the five long d'Artagnan novels of Alexandre Dumas, and The Chronicles of Narnia that were a summer reading project with local friends -- I still need to finish a couple I've started. Nevertheless, I decided I would add Happiness into the mix right away.

I'm very glad I did. As is Claire who is reading it with me...along with John & Barb, Pat & Linda, Allen & Cindy.

And, who knows? Maybe you'll jump in too.

I'm almost sure you will find it a terrific book and you will certainly be invited to the dinner party we will have in a few weeks to discuss the book. Just drop us an email or a phone call if you're interested.