Friday, January 25, 2013

Music of Beauty, Music of Meaning. Announcing Little Bird Studios.

The art of creating music that is genuine, complex, provocative and mature -- and not just a simple ditty to be performed by a stage-struck "worship team" on Sunday morning. Well, that is rare indeed.

But I'm very pleased to let you know that a friend of mine, a trusted friend of over 40 years, has begun to produce just such music. And alongside him are some of the most talented and stylistic musicians in the Midwest, musicians who have played with Mannheim Steamroller and other popular performers. I think you'll find the music fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable.

Please try one of the selections at Little Bird Studios and give my friend motivation to keep creating. I think you'll find motivation to keep coming back.

By the way, I love them all. But perhaps because Claire and I were allowed "behind the curtain" during the days when "Penitent Man" and "Safely Home" were being shaped...and because we know a bit of the story behind these very profound songs...they're at the very top of our list.