Friday, December 14, 2012

What's New with the Notting Hill Napoleons?

My annual preview of the Notting Hill Napoleons' Weekend Retreat did not appear here at the Book Den but rather over at Vital Signs Blog. As a matter of fact, with the Book Den in a state of semi-hibernation in those weeks, a few other Napoleon-oriented items ended up over there as well.

However, I'll make it easy for you to instantly zip over there and check them out.

First up, here is the preview of our bed & breakfast retreat at Whispering Pines in Nebraska City. That post also includes the list of my Reading Suggestions for the book club in 2013.

The Napoleon Retreat Was Just In Time is a very quick wrap-up of what was a terrific experience in Nebraska City. And the list that was actually voted in for our 2013 reading can be found in The Napoleons' 2013 Booklist.