Friday, August 05, 2011

In this interesting post from her blog, Mommy Life, Barbara Curtis reviews Abby Johnson's new book, Unplanned. It's a book Barbara likes and recommends highly.

Anyone concerned with the issue of abortion should read this book, as it illustrates through one woman's life how vulnerable we are when someone spins a message a certain way...

Abby Johnson made her entrance into the Planned Parenthood abortion industry through a college jobs fair. She wanted to help women, and the Planned Parenthood operative who chatted her up had just the right bait on the hook to grab her and reel her in. Abby volunteered for a few years, then upon graduation applied for and accepted a paid position at an organization she thought was helping downtrodden women. Her parents and husband knew the truth about PP, but loved her through the years Abby worked there...

But God has different plans for different people. And His plan for Abby's life is clear as you read her story, which God has used to show us how those on each side of the abortion divide think and feel. Abby relates how the 40 Days for Life presence made an impression on her contrary to the PP hype about "anti-abortion" fanatics. While in the beginning of her PP tenure there were a few harsh people on the other side of the fence, as 40 Days for Life became the stronger presence, Abby could see, hear and feel their love. She respected them and they respected - and loved - her.

Still, she never dreamed that one day she would flee to them for comfort and healing when the reality of abortion finally hit her. Since then, Abby has been active in 40 Days for Life. She and her husband are also in the process of converting to Catholicism (but that isn't mentioned in the book, which is a joint venture by St. Ignatius Press and Focus on the Family).

Through Abby's perspective you will gain a real appreciation for how the rapidly growing ministry of Days for Life - based on prayer and fasting - is having a greater effect than all the pro-life drama that came before.

But the real story of Unplanned is Abby's - the personal realizations, the spiritual growth, the clear intervention by God into a life situated, despite her upbringing and belief in God - to go along with the flow of the culture. Abby's insights will help anyone who's ever wondered how a Christian could be "pro-choice."

If you can't buy this book yourself, ask your library to get a copy - or two or three or four. Debuting at #1 on Amazon on its publication date, it has remained in the top 300s.