Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Women Making the World Better, Not Worse

A Guest Column from Claire Hartford

This past Saturday, Linda Aldrich, Ruth Denzler, Cindy Nelson, Carol Coppi, Linda Scheffler and I got together for a spirited book discussion and tea. As we enjoyed our brunch casserole, buttered scones, and Vienna tea served in a beautiful Belarusian tea set (the tea and tea set both brought home from Denny's latest trip to eastern Europe), we discussed Kate O'Beirne's spirited book, Women Who Make the World Worse: How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports. As you might guess from the title, it was a book that at various points saddened us, infuriated us and made us laugh. And it certainly gave plenty of illustrations of the conviction we all already shared; namely, that the modern feminist movement has hurt women much more than helped them.

For instance, O'Beirne quotes many sources who were (and some still are) very sympathetic to certain goals of modern feminism but had, nevertheless, been forced by the facts to admit that the movement had produced some clearly awful conditions. This was especially profound in the feminists' destructive impact on marriage, family, and the sanctity of life. Yes, feminism has opened doors of opportunity but too often those doors have given unobstructed entry to easy divorce (with its appalling devastation to women and their children), sexual promiscuity (with the attendant crises of alienation, guilt and STDs), crimes against women, sex selection abortion, and the destruction of innocence and femininity.

Mrs. O'Beirne does an excellent job in relating the historic ideals of classic feminism (protection, voting rights, equal pay for equal work, etc.) and how dramatically those ideals differ from the goals of the "late-model feminism" that has made the "worlds" of school, family, the military, school athletics, and more...worse. She is particularly adept in showing how feminism has created anti-boy attitudes which have been forced into the culture -- with tragic effects on boys and girls. Guys just don't have much of a chance to be guys in almost any arena anymore. And that hasn't made the world better for girls. Like O'Beirne shows with example after example, it has created vast and severe new problems for both sexes.

Another point of unanimous agreement between Kate O'Beirne and the six of the ladies gathered for this book discussion/tea was that an unlimited demand for abortion is modern feminism's most devout ambition. Consequently, the movement, at its very core, has become something mean and reprehensible. It now fully deserves to be opposed by everyone of good will and good sense -- women and men. How terribly twisted that the pivot of the radical feminist movement should be the license to brutally destroy one's children!

All of us agreed enthusiastically that Kate O'Beirne's Women Who Make the World Worse was a book well worth reading. Indeed, part of our discussion dealt with how we could best encourage others to read it. We also agreed that simply criticizing the radical feminist movement was not enough; we need to follow through with our responsibilities to be women of sense, compassion, balance, justice, femininity, kindness, strength and faith. The best way to counter the ugly damages caused by modern feminism on us and our culture is provide a winsome alternative; that is, to shine forth the virtues of women as God designed.

It was a splendid way to spend a Saturday midday -- delicious tea, great food, and the stimulating fellowship of women who love God, their families, and their communities -- in short, women who make the world better!