Thursday, May 01, 2008

Books Change Lives

I have, over on Vital Signs Blog, a post about Jane Brennan, a professional counselor in Colorado, who was once a member of NOW and a volunteer for Planned Parenthood but is now an outspoken pro-life champion. In fact, she has devoted her private counseling practice to offering post-abortive women a safe place to reconcile unresolved grief and loss. Also, she is a leader in her state's Silent No More Awareness Campaign and has written a compelling book, Motherhood Interrupted, Stories of Healing and Hope after Abortion.

Well, from Jane Brennan's biography located on her web site ( a site where the visitor can read excerpts from the book, order it, and look at some other very helpful articles) come the paragraphs below describing the power of books to enlighten, challenge, and change human hearts.

...Personally helpful to me was a book by Christina Hoff Somers called Who Stole Feminism? In this book, Somers talks about how a certain group of women have betrayed society's women by pitting them against men and are promoting a dangerous agenda. The author talked about extremists positions held by certain feminists which didn't resonate with the average American woman. This is exactly what I had been feeling but couldn't find the right words to express myself.

Another eye-opener for me was Rush Limbaugh's first book The Way Things Ought to Be. Reading this book was a huge step for me because, at the time, Rush Limbaugh was the devil incarnate to groups like NOW. After reading it, though, I thought, "This guy isn't so bad. He actually makes sense on all the issues of the day, especially abortion and the unborn child's right to live", which was a position I hadn't previously considered...