Monday, July 09, 2007

An Indispensable Help: Talking About Halley's Bible Handbook

During my 16-years of doing "Vital Signs" radio programs, I used to record programs over long-distance telephone lines whenever I was on the road...even when the road took me to Europe, India, or Africa. (Well, okay; those weeks I was in the Nigerian bush, I guess Claire had to fill in for me.) But, most of the time, I managed to get to a phone somehow and call in to Tom Sharman at Tesco Studios and record enough shows to last for a few days.

But the particular program I'm linking you to in this post didn't take me very far afield. I was only in Colorado. So no; it's not the locale of the program's origin that's interesting and relevant but rather it is the book itself.

The subject of my 10-minute commentary that morning is one of the truly indispensable tools in my "theological workshop" -- Halley's Bible Handbook. And in this audio file from the "Vital Signs" vaults, you'll hear a bit about Dr. Henry Halley's personal ministry as well some of the distinctive features of his immeasurably valuable Bible study book.

I think you'll find it an interesting program about what was once (and still should be) one of America's most treasured religious titles.