Monday, March 12, 2007

The Real Story of "Sexologist" Alfred Kinsey

Ever since the late 1940’s when the Kinsey Reports on sexual behavior first made the scene, the findings of the acclaimed "sexologist" have been used to denounce and even destroy those traditional attitudes towards sex, modesty, chastity, family, children and fidelity that Americans had derived from the Bible. And now, after decades of divorce, sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, dramatic increases in sexual assault and child molestation, even many on the left are decrying the tragic fruits of Kinsey's sexual revolution.

And yet, the reputation of Alfred Kinsey himself has escaped careful scrutiny.

But due largely to the energetic, eloquent work of one scientific researcher (and she doesn't work for TIME Magazine!), the lights have been shining into the murky depths of Alfred Kinsey’s aberrant world, exposing its moral baseness and its complete lack of genuine scientific foundation. That researcher is Dr. Judith Reisman and her most important expose' of Kinsey and his research methods reports is titled, Kinsey: Crime and Consequences.

Not unsurprisingly, like so many conservative books that buck politically correct trends, this book has rarely been given the fair and careful evaluation it deserves. The mainstream media, with so much of its own agenda inextricably tied to Kinsey's attitudes and conclusions, will hardly do a balanced job in examining the facts revealed by Dr. Reisman.

But for those who truly want to know the truth, independent of their a priori assumptions, Kinsey: Crime and Consequences is a book very worth reading.

Now be warned -- this is anything but a pleasure read. Indeed, the book explores Kinsey’s own sexual perversities, his hatred for religion, his weird twisting of facts to fit his predetermined conclusions, and so on. It's all there in Kinsey: Crime and Consequences by Dr. Judith Reisman. But though a tough read, it is an important one for those who desire to right the severe wrongs inflicted on our culture (and unreckonable numbers of victims) by Alfred Kinsey and his present-day followers.