Monday, September 11, 2006

The Man Who Sparked the "Green Revolution"

Kathryn Judson over at Suitable for Mixed Company points out a lot of "nuggets" out there in cyberspace and I'm most recently indebted to her for the "heads up" about Ronald Bailey's review (in Wall Street Journal Online) of The Man Who Fed the World.

The book is the story of that startlingly rapid rise in agricultural productivity of the 60's known as the "Green Revolution" and of the energetic humanitarian behind it, Norman Borlaug. The author is Leon Hesser, a former State Department official who has been a friend of Borlaug since they worked together to increase Pakistan's grain production four decades ago.

Bailey has written a splendid review -- giving you just enough information (and just enough of his own enthusiasm) to make you really interested in reading the book itself.