Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Manhunt: The Twelve Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer

The new bestseller, Manhunt: The Twelve Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer, has a few unusual distinctions. It was written with a careful respect for historical accuracy rather than a desire to promote either an ideological agenda or self-aggrandizement. Also, it was written with deep respect and gratitude towards one of America's greatest heroes. And, finally, Manhunt: The Twelve Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer was written by a man dedicated to preserving and promoting conservative ideals.

By clicking on the title of this post, you can read a charming column by Rebecca Hagelin about James Swanson and his passions for all things Lincoln. And by clicking any of these links, you can order the book itself: Amazon at $16.17; Barnes and Noble at the members-only price of $14.55; Half.com with its lowest price today of $13.74 (but not storeroom new); or Target books at 16.17.

By the way, you will probably want to read the book soon in order to get ahead of all your non-reading but movie-going friends because they'll be heading out (perhaps sometime yet this year) to see the film version of Manhunt starring Harrison Ford.