Monday, February 20, 2006

Washington's God

With the experience of reading 1776, David McCullough's fine history about the first full year of the American Revolution, still fresh in my mind, I was pleased to come across this revealing interview with Michael and Jana Novak at National Review Online.

The Novaks (a father and daughter team) have written Washington's God, one of the only serious books dealing with the religious convictions of our nation's first President. Their findings are extremely interesting, especially those concerning Washington's use of deist language (but not necessarily deist thought), his Freemasonry, and the differences in religious lifestyle between he and Jefferson. Very interesting reading.

You can also see some advance responses to Washington's God (including Chuck Colson's) at Michael Novak's web site.

And if the interview and reviews aren't enough for you, the book (due out in early March) can be ordered already through Amazon, Overstock (it's about 80 cents cheaper), or (cheaper still).